Monday, September 27, 2010
    Back From the Concrete Jungle

    Where to begin?! New York was amazing, it was magical, and everything that I had dreamt of. It's strange when you're so in love with a place which you've never been to, and you create all these great visions of how the place is. The possibility of being quite let down is therefore not all that slim. But hey, it's New York - the place where big dreams can come true, and how can that let you down? But I won't ramble on. New York is that kind of place that you need to experience for yourself. Instead I'll give you my 5 best moments while I was there:

    5. Looking at all the stylish New Yorkers and filling up on style inspiration. Everywhere you look there are cool people, especially in Soho and Tribeca.

    4. Eating breakfast at Café Gitane, and suddenly noticing half way through my fruit salad that Moby was sitting on the other side of the window (I almost choked because of the shock - as I love Moby's music!)

    3. Looking through racks and racks of clothes at Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn, and finding a gorgeous dark grey, suede blazer by Calvin Klein which fit perfectly - for only $30!!

    2. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk and arriving on the other side in the dark - the view of Manhattan was spectacular! The lights were so beautiful and romantic.

    1. Going to Barney's and purchasing my very first designer bag - the black Mini Coco Duffle bag by Alexander Wang. I have loved it for such a long time, and finally it is mine. Oh, the joy!!

    Because of my little voyage to NYC, the reports from New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week have suffered. But my favourite fashion week, Paris, still remains so check back for updates from tomorrow and onwards. And here's a little celebration or an early kick-off to Paris Fashion Week. Bisous!
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