Thursday, September 9, 2010
    Happy Birthday Style Spot!

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    I must admit to something which I am not very proud of; it is Style Spot's 4th birthday today and I almost forgot! As silly as it sounds, it kind of feels like I'm a mother and I've forgotten my child's birthday. Shocking, I know. Still, I remembered just in time so hopefully I'm not all bad. 

    Since it's birthday time and all, and I need to make up for birthday time lost, I thought it would be nice with some fresh changes to the blog. I have started on a few layout changes, and also I am thinking of adding a few regular features here on Style Spot. The first one will be introduced to you as soon as Sunday so mark that in your calenders. I think you'll like it! 

    So please, let Style Spot's 4th birthday give you an excuse to eat a huge piece of chocolate cake, drink a sparkly glass of champagne or do crazy dances around your house. I just might do all three!

    And thank you to each and everyone of you, my dear readers. Style Spot would never be Style Spot without all of you!


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