Sunday, October 24, 2010
    The 10 Best Dressed of the Week

    I found it quite difficult to find this week's ten best dressed. You can say that it's been kind of a slow week. After a lot of searching I found the ten that I believe deserve a place on the list, and the thing I instantly noticed was that many of the outfits are casual outfits. I'm looking for lots of fall inspiration at the moment so I guess this must have affected my choices. Still, the first place has been given to a very chic woman who is definitely not wearing a casual outfit. I'll give you a hint: bold and bright!

    10. Annalynne McCord

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    I have never watched an episode of 90210 (is it any good?), and therefore I don't follow the cast's wardrobes that much. I've never thought that much about Annalynne McCord's outfits before, but I actully quite like this. The jacket is a nice material and fit, and I like how her hot pink heels pop against her black tuxedo pants.

    9. Blake Lively

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    I adore this dress from the Dior pre-fall 2010 collection. It's so girly and sweet. I am a huge fan of outfits that consist of contrasts so therefore I love how she wears that tough leather jacket together with it. I think she could have done something different with her hair though. Maybe a messy bun?

    8. Shenae Grimes

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    It seems like I have entered 90210 mode here on Style Spot. First posting Annalynne and now Shenae. But I have to since I really like this outfit. I am very weak for the whole "leather jacket - short, simple dress - chunky boots" combination. I don't like the necklace together with this though. It clashes too much with the studs on her jacket. I'd say lots of statement bracelets or rings instead.

    7. Fearne Cotton

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    I adore Fearne Cotton. She seems so fun and sweet, and I love her interviews. Have you seen the one she does with Mischa Barton? If not, go to youtube and watch it. And if you have you can see why I like her. She has good taste when it comes to clothes, and she oozes of the cool London style. This is a great everyday outfit. I really want a coat like hers.

    6. Eva Mendes

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    Another woman I adore is Eva Mendes. I love almost everything she wears. She's one of those wonder women that always tend to look stunning. This outfit speaks a bit for itself. It's a bit quirky yet at the same time it's so lovely. I want those shoes so much, and she has reminded me that I need to get myself a fur vest. They look great over simple dresses and together with skinny jeans.

    5. Zoe Kravitz

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    I have this great fascination for Zoe Kravitz. I just think she's crazy cool (it runs in the family!). Her attitude is so easy and laidback and she has this knack of putting together random pieces, making them look great together. The piece I love the most about this outfit is the jacket. The studded detail is so nice. And her clutch is definitely on my wish list.

    4. Olivia Palermo

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    I want this beige cape by "By Malene Birger" so, so much. Olivia always chooses the most fantastic pieces for her wardrobe, and this is just perfect for fall. It looks great together with her black leather pants. I need to go hunting!

    3. Cat Deeley

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    Another cape I love is this military green one worn by Cat Deeley. I want one like that too. Who knows, maybe I'll fill up my wardrobe with rows and rows of capes?! Also, her boots are incredible. Cat, if you don't need them anymore, please, pretty please, give them to me? Oh, a girl can dream.

    2. Olivia Palermo

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    I have already posted this outfit worn by Olivia earlier this week, but I just had to include it in the list too as it is so inspiring. I talked about how it can help solve many a fashion crisis on those mornings where you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear. Put on an all-black outfit, for example leather pants and a blazer, like Olivia. Throw on an unexpected piece, like a fur vest or, surprise surprise, a cape. Add a few accessories with a bit of colour and you're good to go.

    1. Gwyneth Paltrow

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    I am a big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow. She seems like such a lovely person, and I like her style very much. I was thrilled to see her in this bright orange dress from the Calvin Klein collection earlier this week. She deserves the first place as it is quite daring to wear such a bold colour, and get away with it. She looks absolutely stunning in it, and I do hope to see many more bright coloured dresses in the very near future.

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