Sunday, October 31, 2010
    The 10 Best Dressed of the Week

    Last week, the list mainly consisted of everyday outfits, but this week the tables have turned. The only piece featured is the dress, and mainly dresses for special events. Four of them are different takes on the little black dress while neutral tones are seen in five. One of the dresses stand out in the crowd when it comes to the colour palette, and I think you might guess who? Here's a hint: orange.

    10. Claire Danes

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    The thing I like about this dress is that it is classic with a twist. The belt in the waist and the detailing around the neck adds an exciting element to an otherwise plain black dress. I like it when Claire Danes wears dresses like this - that's when she looks her best.

    9. Olivia Palermo

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    I posted this outfit earlier this week, and I had to add it to the list because it is a very lovely outfit. I know that there is some debate around whether this dress is flattering or not, but I rarely disagree with Olivia's fashion choices, and I am not about to start now. And just to prove my point: Giambattista Valli is the designer behind the dress, and he knows sexy.

    8. Reese Witherspoon

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    My favourite part of this Jason Wu dress is the top half. It is stunning! I love anything bodice - and lingerie inspired, and especially when it is a combination of black and nude. I think it's great that she wore that dark red nail polish together with it - a fun contrast to the neutral tones.

    7. Eva Mendes

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    I am a huge Eva Mendes fan, as many of you might have understood by now. She always looks incredible at every event, and her everyday style is good too. Wearing this pale pink Versace gown suits Eva's sweet and sexy bombshell look. It is as if this dress was made for her.

    6. Bianca Brandolini D'Adda

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    I must say that I really like this slightly different take on the little black dress. The detailing on the upper half of the dress is very playful and sexy. It's a bit too much material on the bottom half, but Bianca weighs it up by teaming the dress together with gorgeous accessories.

    5. Kate Bosworth

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    This bright orange dress by Proenza Schouler was a favourite of mine on Friday, and it still is today. Kate Bosworth is the perfect starlet for this dress as it is so playful and girly yet cool and sophisticated at the same time. I am looking forward to seeing Kate in more bright colours as it looks so great on her.

    4. Olivia Palermo

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    Olivia definitely gets around, and I wonder how she manages to look so wonderful at every event when it seems as if she attends like 50 each week. Some people are just born with style running through their veins (and a wallet to match their needs!). What I like so much about this outfit is the interesting  mismatching of all the different pieces.

    3. Demi Moore

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    Similar to many of you, I have a bad case of Balmainia, and whenever I see someone wearing a piece by Balmain, my heart jumps a heartbeat. Demi Moore looks insanely good in this black and gold dress from the fall 2010 colletion. She is the perfect woman for this dress!

    2. Olivia Palermo

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    It is rare to see Olivia Palermo in a pair of flats. The only other time that I can recall seeing her in something other than stunning high heels, is when she walked around in a pair of oxfords. I really like the pale palette she has used for this outfit, mainly using nude and grey. Just brilliant, Olivia!

    1. Eva Mendes

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    Eva has been looking amazing this week, wearing dresses from Versace to Oscar de la Renta. But it is the dress by Lela Rose that has made her reach the top of the list this week. If I could have any of the dresses on this list, it has to be this one (yes, more than the Balmain dress, believe it or not!). This is one of the best dresses I have seen for a while.

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