Monday, November 15, 2010
    The 10 Best Dressed of the Week

    First of all, let me apologize for the very poor blogging this last week. The hectic exam period is kicking in, and therefore Style Spot had to suffer a bit. I felt really bad not posting "The 10 Best Dressed of the Week" yesterday, so here it is today. The week's best dressed consists of lovely ladies in gorgeous dresses - many in bold splashes of colour and many in chic black. I am starting to look for inspiration for the Christmas parties that are just around the corner. Maybe you are too, and hopefully some of these can inspire you. Enjoy!

    10. Gwyneth Paltrow

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    Gwyneth Paltrow looked beautiful in this Chado Ralph Rucci dress. I love the combination of the shiny black material and the see-through parts. Very sexy in a mature way, and Gwyneth carries it with such style and grace. There have been some disagreements when it comes to Lanvin heels, but I must say that I like them together with this dress.

    9. Joanna Gracia

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    I love a dark purple dress on a brunette. There's something about that combination that makes you notice it straight away. It oozes such elegance. I like that Joanna wore silver accessories with it, as many opt for gold accessories with purple dresses. It makes a nice change.

    8. Leighton Meester

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    I must admit that most of the time I do prefer Blake Lively's style over Leighton Meester's style. With Blake there's rarely an outfit that I dislike, but when it comes to Leighton I have more of a love/hate relationship with her fashion choices. When it comes to this dress by Pucci, however, Leighton gets ten points from me. She looks stunning and very bohemian chic in it.

    7. Lauren Conrad

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    I love it when Lauren Conrad gets on the red carpet as I absolutely adore her. What I love even more is that this pale blue dress is from TopShop. It's music to my ears, though it's probably ripped away from the hangers already. Lauren really suits this old Hollywood glamour style, and here's hoping to seeing more of her like this.

    6. Rachel Bilson

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    I find this dress from the Chanel Resort collection so refreshing, and especially when Rachel Bilson is the one wearing it. It's got her name written all over her. Also, I like that she has teamed it with those heels. It would have been so easy to wear it together with black, patent heels or something similar.

    5. Olivia Palermo

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    At first, I didn't think much of this outfit on Olivia Palermo, but the more I looked at it the more I liked it. She plays with different contrasts when it comes to the materials and also pairs the 20s inspired dress with a more modern leopard belt. And there's nothing I love more than people playing around with contrasts when it comes to style.

    4. Malin Akermann

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    I often find that simplicity is the best way to go, and therefore I really fell in love with Malin Akermann's outfit this week. The cream dress suits her body so well, and I adore how she has teamed it together with relaxed silver and brown accessories. Her hair is lovely for this outfit too.

    3. Emma Watson

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    I can't say that I have been an eager follower of all the Harry Potter festivities that have taken place this week, but I most certainly noticed Emma Watson's Rafael Lopez dress that she wore at the London premiere for the 7th Harry Potter film. It's incredible. I have always loved her short hair, and I believe that this gives her such a stronger look. This is why she pulls this off so perfectly.

    2. Eva Mendes

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    As you may have expected, Eva is on the list this week as well. I just can't helping posting her outfits as she always looks stunning. This week she wore this gorgeous and fresh Prada dress together with sexy. patent heels. I absolutely adore the colours. It makes me long for spring and summer.

    1. Rihanna

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    I just had to give Rihanna the first place as I am head over heels in love with this incredible piece designed by Elie Saab. There aren't many words that can express my adoration for this dress, so I'll just let it speak for itself. Gorgeous!

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