Sunday, November 7, 2010
    The 10 Best Dressed of the Week

    Following this weeks trend here on Style Spot, three of the best dressed on the list are wearing sparkly sequins. I'm a huge fan of sequins, and I'm afraid you just have to bear with me. It's just one of those things that I can't cure. Even though there are plenty of outfits focusing on the glitz and the glamour on the list, there are three really great everyday outfits, and I can tell you that Kate Moss is the brain behind one of them.

    10. Sienna Miller

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    Sienna Miller is one of those who inspires me most when it comes to style. Her style does go up and down, but when she gets it right she really gets it right. Her outfits at the airport are also an inspiration most of the time, as they are not too fussy, but laidback and stylish at the same time. Just like this one. Comfy skinny jeans, a leather jacket and a few great accessories, like a big bag and a scarf.

    9. Olivia Wilde

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    This is the first sequin outfit on the list. Olivia Wilde is wearing this beautiful and classic piece by Michael Kors. I read on The Fashion Spot that some find her looking older than she is in this dress, but I think it suits her very well. She has such a strong face that she can wear this dramatic outfit without looking like a witch (which is quite easy when you're wearing a long black dress).

    8. Kate Moss

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    Not many can pull off a 70s inspired sequin jumpsuit, but Kate Moss most definitely can. I wish I was brave enough to wear this piece which she wore to the launch of her last collection for TopShop, but I doubt that I would look nowhere near as good as Kate. The bangs and the red lipstick completes this look perfectly.

    7. Anne Hathaway

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    Anne Hathaway also wore a black jumpsuit this week, but left the sequins at home. I love the lace detail both on the chest area and at the bottom.  She kept it simple, but fun at the same time by wearing high black patent heels, colourful nail polish and a sparkly cocktail ring. Very chic indeed.

    6. Stephanie Pratt

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    I am as surprised as you might be that I have given Stephanie the 6th place, but I really do like this outfit. Especially the details such as the necklace and the belt. I used to be quite the devoted "The Hills" watcher, and I saw a change in Stephanie's style in the last season. A change which was for the better. But back to the outfit: I'd maybe change the skirt and wear more low-key shoes with this if I were her.

    5. Eva Mendes

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    I can always rely on Eva Mendes wearing a great outfit every week. She always looks stunning, and I believe that if she wore only a potato sack she would look amazing as well. I adore this floaty, chocolate brown piece teamed together with gold accessories and nude heels. Spot on as always.

    4. Behati Prinsloo

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    Apart from Kate Moss, the model who has the best style in my opinion, is Behati Prinsloo. She has this cool and special something about her, and she projects it so well into her everyday outfits. There is absolutely nothing I would change about this outfit. Oh leopard coat, please come and live in my closet? And bring the rest with you.

    3. Kate Moss

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    This is a standard outfit by Kate Moss, but it is oh-so brilliant. Even though I feel like I've seen a similar outfit on Kate before, she continues to wow me with her style choices. I want this camel coat so bad that my insides hurt, and I could easily wear those boots every day. A visit to Kate's closet would be an amazing dream come true.

    2. Carey Mulligan

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    I fell in love with this outfit the instant I saw it, and it's mainly because of the combination of colours. I really like it when an outfit consists of basic colours, such as white, black and grey, and a bright colour is added as an great detail. The electric blue heels makes this lovely outfit so exciting. Carey Mulligan carries it so well.

    1. Natalia Vodianova

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    I posted this outfit on Friday, so you know I love this. And when I say love, I mean LOVE! Natalia Vodianova is the perfect woman for this dress designed by Balmain, and she has chosen excellent accessories to wear with it. She could easily have looked like a walking Christmas tree, but instead she resembles a perfect angel dazzling at the top of it.

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